Current President

Mike Argiros joined the Board of the Hancock Partners in 2006. He has served as both Vice President and Treasurer. 


Mike’s educational and professional background is in business finance and administration. He has experience in Banking, Construction, Computer programming, IT services, and Education Administration.  Mike owns / operates Hancocks Cinemas and serves as bookkeeper for several area businesses.



Vice President and Co-Founder

Chris Gross is a native of Hancock, where he resides with his wife, Danielle and their 5 children. Chris is the owner of Upper Delaware Real Estate and a founding member of the Hancock Partners, Inc.




President Emeritus

Gerald DaBrescia, retired insurance broker, one of the original Partners, former president: HCS Board of Education, Board of Trade, HIDC; current president: Louise Adelia Read Memorial Library and Hancock Partners. Purchasing Director Bard Parker Division, Board Member Read Memorial and Delaware Valley Hospital,  President Louise Adelia Read Library board. He recently handed the reins of organization over to Mike Argiros in 2022.



Board Director and Co-Founder

CEO of  Bass Logging, owner of the Hancock House Hotel, Bass’s
Cabins, French Woods Golf and Country Club. 

Joyce_Dawn_11_17 3.jpg


Board Director

Having grown up in Orson, PA and graduating from Hancock Central School, I am passionate about the quality of life in Hancock and the surrounding  area.  I have been a branch manager at NBT Bank for 18 years, in the Hancock office and now also in Deposit.   



Board Director

Dr. Robert A Sintich is the newest member on the partners joining in July of this year. However, he is no stranger to the Hancock Community. He resides with his wife Helen in their family home purchase 64 years ago on Somerset



Board Director

Ron Schaefer has spent his entire life in camping and is responsible for the development of French Woods’ unique individualized program over the past forty six years. He has a background as a music teacher for the New York City public schools and and a musical theater college instructor at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL.



Board Director

Jeff Skelding is the Executive Director for the Hancock based Friends of the Upper Delaware River. Jeff and his organization work to protect the Upper Delaware River and to help support and build a river based tourism economy in the Hancock region. 

richard lowe headshot.jpg

Richard H. Lowe, III

Director of Regional & Economic Development

Lowe became a full-time Hancock resident in the Fall of 2020. He has more than a decade of experience in the fashion world, offering design and consultation services to leading industry firms, as well as a background in PR, grant. writing, immersive marketing, trend forecasting services, and heritage branding for American-based businesses.


Lowe serves as Chairperson for the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway and Vice-President for the Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce. Volunteer efforts have extended to community projects by the Delaware Valley Garden Club, Hancock Rotary Club, Hancock Community Education Foundation, and Friends of the Upper Delaware River. He helped raise funds to build phase one of the Hancock Hounds Dog Park, is involved with upgrading the Junction Pool River Access.

Bruce Edwards
Original Hancock Partners
HPI Del Co Andes
Ron DaLuca and Lee Iacocca

Meet the Partners

We all need a friend, a friend to support us, love us, spend time with us and occasionally tell us what we don’t want to hear but need to.

We are the friend, the Partner if you will, of Hancock, NY and its surrounding region. We support, love, work with and care for Hancock. From the mountain tops, to the river valley, the businesses and people, we support Hancock.

What do we do? We provide collaboration to different entities, access community and economic planning, fund events and foster growth and community spirit. We lead the charge.

We are the woodwork for Hancocks revitalization. We are the supports for everyone and everything that insulates our community.

Why? Because we all need a somebody to be a somebody for somebody, Hancock Partners is here to fill that need. Hancock Partners is a uniting facet for all the wholesome content right here already, and is the catalyst to draw in more.

If you want to invest in Hancock, NY, then donate to Hancock Partners by clicking the link to our Paypal account below. Your gift is tax deductible and will be used to enhance the economic and community growth of the Hancock, NY region.